Home Decor Ideas for Mommies with Toddlers

I still remember my days when I was just a wife and I wasn’t blessed with kids. My home used to look so clean and sparkling that everyone who used to visit my house used to fall in love with my place. Each and every bit of furniture and show pieces used to be on the exact same place for the next six months unless I decide to make any changes.

And then Noah happened and she changed my life on a whole new level.

Trust me; handling a toddler isn’t an easy task and handling your house with a toddler is even scarier. No wonder my mother used to shout on me so much because of all the mess I used to make.

So the fellow mommies out there; here are a few home décor ideas for you if you have a toddler to handle—

  • Some toddlers are really active and mine is like she is a wonder woman trying to save the world. So if your toddler is the same, you should probably opt for furniture that is comfortable, yet attractive. Don’t go for that fancy furniture which isn’t very comfortable to sit or to sleep. (cause you may want to sleep in the middle handling all those)
  • Try and buy vintage furniture. These are actually very durable and can easily withstand your toddler’s physical abuse. Trust me, your little devil won’t spare any bit of it.
  • If your toddler has a creative mind, I am sure your walls are going to get hell lot of make up with all those paintings and crayons. And it isn’t easy to let go of the color. Use washable paints for the walls.
  • Always make sure that the there is enough space for your toddler to play in one particular room. He or she is going to need it very much as they love to explore.

Being a mother of a toddler is the sweetest thing. Make sure you keep your toddler safe and healthy.

A Tray or Table for the Tripp Trapp High Chair: The Clic Clac, the Play Tray or the Stokke Table Top

For many years parents have bought the baby set attachments so that babies aged between 7-18 months can sit in the Tripp Trapp chair instead of a conventional high chair. The Tripp Trapp chair is designed for children to sit with the family at the table to eat or play.

For babies, of course, there is little distinction between eating, playing, learning and exploring, so food and drink were always likely to be ground into the table. In addition, table cloths cannot be used within reach of these little hands. A table with a suitable surface, both hardwearing and hygienic, has been essential for a baby in a Tripp Trapp chair.

The Stokke Table Top

A new product is a tray which attaches not to the chair but to the family dining table with suction cups.

The advantages are:

  • easy to wipe clean

  • protects the family table as most food and spills will     be on the Stokke Table Top

  • comes with a variety of pictures to change the display     under the clear surface

The disadvantages are:

  • suction cups mean no table cloth can be used

  • babies can make a mess which extends wider than the     perimeter of the Stokke Table Top

  • the price (almost £50 in U.K.)

Stokke does not make a tray; given the popularity of their chair over more than two decades, however, it can be no surprise that a number of other companies make trays to fit the Tripp Trapp. The advantages and disadvantages are similar to any conventional high chair.

The Clic Clac, a Tray for the Tripp Trapp

German company Ergo:Design, makes such a tray, the Clic Clac. The Clic Clac fits new and old style Tripp Trapp chairs. It can be used with or without the baby set, and it is available only in the natural beech colour. In the U.K. it retails at around £45; it is also available in the U.S.A.

The Play Tray

Danish company 4mykid make a translucent plastic tray which has distributors across Europe. Unlike the Clic Clac, it has a raised lip lining the rim of the tray, which will contain spills and dropped toys. The material and colour do not blend with the Tripp Trapp but contrast with the chair, which may be preferable if the chair is not natural-beech like the clic clac.

Alternative table and tray options are likely to be developed and marketed for this incredibly popular chair in the future, such as the Sloppi tray. It is not essential to buy any special product to accompany the Tripp Trapp. In the early months, an adult might sit in front of the infant to spoon feed and as the child gets older he can eat directly from the family table.

Thinking about Comfort: Think about Customized Pillows

We all want comfort and let’s just face it, whether it is physical or mental, every person wants to be in the topmost comfort level. Which is why since history, people in enter different device to make life more comfortable than past.

As previously people used to sleep on the ground, then they realized that, since ground is too hard, it’s better if something is laid upon so that, it gets a bit softer which will make the sleep more easy. But it was again started to irritate people as, insect or bugs from the ground disturbed in sleeping including biting resulting in painful mornings for days. Hence, bed was invented. A bed was equally if not more comfortable with the added bonus of, bugs crawling in the ground could be dealt with.

By this process, man has made life simpler and more comfortable via step to step. With this, the latest addition, customized pillows brings more variety to the table and a comfort, which people never even imagined, came into existence.

A customized pillow is a pillow which is manufactured for you, with the requirements that you lay upon, and is perfectly suitable and comfortable for you. Because every person has different level of requirements for comfort (in simple sentence, on this context, read as “softness”), hence a generalized pillow addresses no issue. For example some people can’t live without their side sleeper pillows. A traditional pillow is made for every person’s needs which end up fulfilling none.

How many nights you struggled in bed trying to shape the pillow so that it At least gives some level of comfort?

While being in a hotel or as a guest in other people’s home, how many times you had hard time sleeping because the pillow was too hard or too soft?

Yes, pillow is essential for a good sleep and equally important as the quality of the bed. If the bed is too hard or too soft, then I’ll just wish a good luck to the person who will sleep in it because I am sure he/she will have a cranky next morning.

That’s why; customized pillows came into the picture. With such simplistic features, they give so many options to choose from that, you can never bring wrong while choosing a customized pillow. Be it a Fiber made flat pillow which is a little hard (for those people who doesn’t like puffy pillows) or a puffy one….. Now you have a choice. Your choice isn’t just limited to these two but you can mix and match (the hybrid variety) bringing best of both of the world’s into the picture. You aren’t limited to anything. Suppose you like a hard flat pillow but there are some other features in a soft one. Though you are not comfortable having two different pillows for two different reasons and wants to have all in the single one.

With Customized pillows, now you can make it into reality. If you want both, chose hybrid pillows and put your requirements. And have both in one.

Added to the comfort, just imagine how much the personal colors or graphics can bring shine to your bedrooms. It isn’t just a tool for comfort but the aesthetic beauty makes it even more appealing so that, anyone, who sees it, wants to put in their bedroom and bring a glow that was never before. Customized pillows have begun a new trend in the industry where comfort is being redefined. Comfort isn’t just a softness aspect of the object anymore rather it has become addressing individual needs personally.

Why are you waiting for? Pick up your pillow and experience a sleep that makes you wake up with a smile.

Chairs and Other School Hazards: Rocking In Chairs Leads To Accidents

The Unrockable Chair

How many students are injured each year from rocking in a chair and falling? 7,000 students are admitted to a hospital a year from chair-related incidents. 70% of those were from rocking backwards in the chairs. This statistic does not include students who fell from chairs while rocking and were not injured.

Tom Wates was nearly driven mad telling students to stop rocking their chairs. “It was something I was saying as much as I was asking children to be quiet. I couldn’t do anything about them talking, but I figured that I could stop this.” [Fiona Hamilton, timesonline.co.uk] Problems with chairs are so prevalent that some schools have eliminated chairs in the classroom and use exercise balls.

Wates created The Max Chair with Sedley Place, a design company. The chair has curved legs making students unable to lift the front legs off the floor by more than 5 centimeters.

Safe Buses

A recent bus accident resulting in four Minnesota children being killed on their way to school brings up the issue of bus safety. While statistics show that students are eight times safer riding to school on a school bus than riding with parents, what more could be done? The issue of seat belts on buses surfaces after each accident and then disappears. Did the Cottonwood students die from head trauma when thrown across the bus onto a hard surface? Would seat belts have prevented the head trauma?

Indoor Air Quality

  • Ventilation systems are using lower percentages of     fresh air in order to keep energy costs down.

  • Students are exposed to less fresh air because recess     time is being cut in many schools.

  • Plastics are prevalent in schools and are known to give     off fumes that may not be healthy for students to inhale.

  • Pesticides are used to keep rodents and insects in check.     Some children are very sensitive to these chemicals.

  • Cleaning compounds may cause allergic reactions in     sensitive students.


Many teachers are purchasing air cleaners for their classrooms to purify the air for their students.

Healthy Meals

Recent recalls of meat bound for hot lunch programs reminds us of the possibility of food contamination. While school kitchens must pass inspections, the possibility of tainted food in the hot lunch program always exists. Some schools have switched to organic foods.


Staff infection is possible everywhere. It is especially likely to spread in locker rooms and bathrooms. The recent media scare may be over but the risk of infection is not. Children must wash hands often in school, not share athletic equipment, and cover all cuts. The MRSI is deadly in many cases.

Dressing Table Decor

Initially rising to popularity in 18th century France, dressing tables, also known as vanities, are low tables often accompanied by a mirror and a stool or chair. Vanities are handy for storing cosmetics and provide a special place for the performance of beauty routines. While the notion of a dressing table may seem frivolous to some, many are reviving this piece in the home, embracing the relaxing haven it creates.

Vanity Tabletop Decor

Whether your vanity is an authentic dressing table with a skirted bottom or simply a table or dresser designated for beauty products, a few special touches can give this space a stylish feel. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Start with what you need. Are there items the dressing table absolutely needs to     hold? For example, is the medicine cabinet too full to store bottles of     lotion and hairbrushes? Begin by placing these items on the vanity to get     a sense of the space that’s left.

  • Move on to what you want. Even if they aren’t entirely functional, some items are     just plain lovely and nicely embellish a tabletop. Is there a footed dish,     vase or antique bauble perfect for display in this space of your own?

  • How will products be contained? Now that you have a sense of items both needed and     wanted, is there anything that begs to be organized or arranged in order     to reduce clutter? Would a decorative tray, glass apothecary jar or     compote be a suitable container, or is a more functional receptacle in     order?

Dressing Table Items

Now it’s time for the fun part! Hunting for items that fill in the gaps or take center stage can be an enjoyably decadent task. Select pieces that help create the look you want, whether it be luxuriant or streamlined. Dressing table decor may include the following:

  • fragrances and beauty products, such as soaps and lotions

  • cosmetic tools, such as blush brushes

  • vintage containers and boxes

  • comb and brush sets

  • antique touches, such as bowls, trays and figurines

  • jewelry boxes

  • Beautiful placemats provided by Slateplate

A Personalized Vanity

Don’t forget to make your dressing table your own. Include a framed picture or that treasured antique mall find. Arrange collectibles that have been cleared from other surfaces due to lack of space. For example, many beauty products, such as fragrances from Royal Apothic (shown in the picture accompanying this article), come in lovely boxes that are pretty enough to display.

Honor your style. If modern decor is the preference, embellish the vanity with sleek mirrored frames and vintage lucite bottles. For a more traditional look, include an etched glass vase or porcelain figurine. No item is too lavish for your dressing table. After all, with a name like “vanity,” it’s OK to be self-indulgent!

Chair decorations for the holiday: making your dining room festive

Christmas isn’t just red and green anymore. It gets difficult at times to match up the rest of your home when you want to decorate in blue and white or purple and silver. Here is a quick project that you can make that will match up any decor. It will cover the backs of your chairs in giant Santa hats.

materials needed:

3 1/2 yards of felt

1 yard of felt in a secondary color or fur

four large pom poms


sewing machine

brown craft paper


Measure your dining room chairs across the back. Now measure from seat to the top of the chair back. Transfer this measurement to the brown craft paper.

You will have a rectangle. Now comes the tricky part. On the brown paper, you are creating a pattern. Measure from the top center of the rectangle to 3′ above it. Mark it. Now draw a line from the top left side to that point. Repeat with the top right side. Cut out your pattern.

You will be adding 1/2″ to 1″ seam allowance to all of the edges. Now cut out 8 pieces. It is important that you cut out all of the pieces first because you will be destroying the pattern with the next step.

Once the pieces are cut, cut the bottom 8″ off of the pattern. This should be a strip the width of the chair by 8″. This will be your new pattern. Fold the secondary felt or fur in half and lay your new pattern over it. Add 2″ to the length when you cut. Cut out eight four pieces on the fold.

Make the four Santa hats by sewing the two long sides of each pair of pieces. Now sew the hat band with right side to wrong side using the secondary felt. Stitch or hot glue the hat band seam. Stitch or glue a pom pom onto each hat. Slide them over your chairs. You don’t have to be exacting. Just have fun.