Make a Tote Bag from a Placemat: A Simple Sewing Project for Beginners

You can create a small tote bag for just a couple of dollars with a cloth placemat and grosgrain ribbon. You can use a sewing machine or hand-stitch the placemat. This is a small project and won’t take much time, even if you sew it by hand.

Ask around for placemats in good condition that no one is using. You can also look at stores for new placemats. You can use any type of mat that will fold neatly in half – use cloth instead of vinyl placemats. You’re limited only by the colors and patterns that you can find.

Materials for Sewing a Simple Purse

●        Placemat

●        1-1/2” Grosgrain ribbon

●        Thread

●        Sewing needle or sewing machine

●        Pins

●        Scissors

Directions for Sewing an Easy Tote

  1. Fold the placemat in half.
  2. Make your stitches a quarter-inch in from the edge of     the fabric. Sew up one side and then sew back down the same side to     reinforce your stitching. If you are sewing by hand, keep your stitches     approximately one-quarter inch apart so the sides are sturdy.
  3. Repeat on the other side.
  4. Decide how long you want the handle. Unroll the     grosgrain ribbon and set it near the top of the tote as if it were     handles. Cut the ribbon at least four inches longer than you want. Cut a     second piece.
  5. If you want where the ribbon attaches to the placemat     to be hidden inside the bag, leave the bag as is. If you want to show off     the ribbon, turn the bag inside out.
  6. Pin the ribbon in place. You want to overlap two inches     of ribbon over the fabric so the handles will be secure. Set the ribbon     approximately three inches in from each side. After you’ve pinned a ribbon     to the front of the bag and the other ribbon to the back, pick up the tote     and decide if you like the placement of the ribbons.
  7. Sew the ribbons to the placemat. Make your stitching in     a rectangle, following the shape of the ribbon overlapping the placemat.     Add more stitches in an “x” so you connect the corners.
  8. Turn the bag inside out (or outside in, depending on     whether or not you want the ribbon to show).

Optional – Sew a snap or two on the inside of the tote to keep it shut.

Your purse will show off the color and texture of the placemat you’ve used. Most placemats are sturdy enough to create a hardwearing tote. You’ll find a lot of color and pattern options, so you can make several of these purses to match different outfits.

Home Decor Ideas for Mommies with Toddlers

I still remember my days when I was just a wife and I wasn’t blessed with kids. My home used to look so clean and sparkling that everyone who used to visit my house used to fall in love with my place. Each and every bit of furniture and show pieces used to be on the exact same place for the next six months unless I decide to make any changes.

And then Noah happened and she changed my life on a whole new level.

Trust me; handling a toddler isn’t an easy task and handling your house with a toddler is even scarier. No wonder my mother used to shout on me so much because of all the mess I used to make.

So the fellow mommies out there; here are a few home décor ideas for you if you have a toddler to handle—

  • Some toddlers are really active and mine is like she is a wonder woman trying to save the world. So if your toddler is the same, you should probably opt for furniture that is comfortable, yet attractive. Don’t go for that fancy furniture which isn’t very comfortable to sit or to sleep. (cause you may want to sleep in the middle handling all those)
  • Try and buy vintage furniture. These are actually very durable and can easily withstand your toddler’s physical abuse. Trust me, your little devil won’t spare any bit of it.
  • If your toddler has a creative mind, I am sure your walls are going to get hell lot of make up with all those paintings and crayons. And it isn’t easy to let go of the color. Use washable paints for the walls.
  • Always make sure that the there is enough space for your toddler to play in one particular room. He or she is going to need it very much as they love to explore.

Being a mother of a toddler is the sweetest thing. Make sure you keep your toddler safe and healthy.

Dressing Table Decor

Initially rising to popularity in 18th century France, dressing tables, also known as vanities, are low tables often accompanied by a mirror and a stool or chair. Vanities are handy for storing cosmetics and provide a special place for the performance of beauty routines. While the notion of a dressing table may seem frivolous to some, many are reviving this piece in the home, embracing the relaxing haven it creates.

Vanity Tabletop Decor

Whether your vanity is an authentic dressing table with a skirted bottom or simply a table or dresser designated for beauty products, a few special touches can give this space a stylish feel. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Start with what you need. Are there items the dressing table absolutely needs to     hold? For example, is the medicine cabinet too full to store bottles of     lotion and hairbrushes? Begin by placing these items on the vanity to get     a sense of the space that’s left.

  • Move on to what you want. Even if they aren’t entirely functional, some items are     just plain lovely and nicely embellish a tabletop. Is there a footed dish,     vase or antique bauble perfect for display in this space of your own?

  • How will products be contained? Now that you have a sense of items both needed and     wanted, is there anything that begs to be organized or arranged in order     to reduce clutter? Would a decorative tray, glass apothecary jar or     compote be a suitable container, or is a more functional receptacle in     order?

Dressing Table Items

Now it’s time for the fun part! Hunting for items that fill in the gaps or take center stage can be an enjoyably decadent task. Select pieces that help create the look you want, whether it be luxuriant or streamlined. Dressing table decor may include the following:

  • fragrances and beauty products, such as soaps and lotions

  • cosmetic tools, such as blush brushes

  • vintage containers and boxes

  • comb and brush sets

  • antique touches, such as bowls, trays and figurines

  • jewelry boxes

  • Beautiful placemats

A Personalized Vanity

Don’t forget to make your dressing table your own. Include a framed picture or that treasured antique mall find. Arrange collectibles that have been cleared from other surfaces due to lack of space. For example, many beauty products, such as fragrances from Royal Apothic (shown in the picture accompanying this article), come in lovely boxes that are pretty enough to display.

Honor your style. If modern decor is the preference, embellish the vanity with sleek mirrored frames and vintage lucite bottles. For a more traditional look, include an etched glass vase or porcelain figurine. No item is too lavish for your dressing table. After all, with a name like “vanity,” it’s OK to be self-indulgent!