Chair decorations for the holiday: making your dining room festive

Christmas isn’t just red and green anymore. It gets difficult at times to match up the rest of your home when you want to decorate in blue and white or purple and silver. Here is a quick project that you can make that will match up any decor. It will cover the backs of your chairs in giant Santa hats.

materials needed:

3 1/2 yards of felt

1 yard of felt in a secondary color or fur

four large pom poms


sewing machine

brown craft paper


Measure your dining room chairs across the back. Now measure from seat to the top of the chair back. Transfer this measurement to the brown craft paper.

You will have a rectangle. Now comes the tricky part. On the brown paper, you are creating a pattern. Measure from the top center of the rectangle to 3′ above it. Mark it. Now draw a line from the top left side to that point. Repeat with the top right side. Cut out your pattern.

You will be adding 1/2″ to 1″ seam allowance to all of the edges. Now cut out 8 pieces. It is important that you cut out all of the pieces first because you will be destroying the pattern with the next step.

Once the pieces are cut, cut the bottom 8″ off of the pattern. This should be a strip the width of the chair by 8″. This will be your new pattern. Fold the secondary felt or fur in half and lay your new pattern over it. Add 2″ to the length when you cut. Cut out eight four pieces on the fold.

Make the four Santa hats by sewing the two long sides of each pair of pieces. Now sew the hat band with right side to wrong side using the secondary felt. Stitch or hot glue the hat band seam. Stitch or glue a pom pom onto each hat. Slide them over your chairs. You don’t have to be exacting. Just have fun.