Dressing Table Decor

Initially rising to popularity in 18th century France, dressing tables, also known as vanities, are low tables often accompanied by a mirror and a stool or chair. Vanities are handy for storing cosmetics and provide a special place for the performance of beauty routines. While the notion of a dressing table may seem frivolous to some, many are reviving this piece in the home, embracing the relaxing haven it creates.

Vanity Tabletop Decor

Whether your vanity is an authentic dressing table with a skirted bottom or simply a table or dresser designated for beauty products, a few special touches can give this space a stylish feel. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Start with what you need. Are there items the dressing table absolutely needs to     hold? For example, is the medicine cabinet too full to store bottles of     lotion and hairbrushes? Begin by placing these items on the vanity to get     a sense of the space that’s left.

  • Move on to what you want. Even if they aren’t entirely functional, some items are     just plain lovely and nicely embellish a tabletop. Is there a footed dish,     vase or antique bauble perfect for display in this space of your own?

  • How will products be contained? Now that you have a sense of items both needed and     wanted, is there anything that begs to be organized or arranged in order     to reduce clutter? Would a decorative tray, glass apothecary jar or     compote be a suitable container, or is a more functional receptacle in     order?

Dressing Table Items

Now it’s time for the fun part! Hunting for items that fill in the gaps or take center stage can be an enjoyably decadent task. Select pieces that help create the look you want, whether it be luxuriant or streamlined. Dressing table decor may include the following:

  • fragrances and beauty products, such as soaps and lotions

  • cosmetic tools, such as blush brushes

  • vintage containers and boxes

  • comb and brush sets

  • antique touches, such as bowls, trays and figurines

  • jewelry boxes

  • Beautiful placemats

A Personalized Vanity

Don’t forget to make your dressing table your own. Include a framed picture or that treasured antique mall find. Arrange collectibles that have been cleared from other surfaces due to lack of space. For example, many beauty products, such as fragrances from Royal Apothic (shown in the picture accompanying this article), come in lovely boxes that are pretty enough to display.

Honor your style. If modern decor is the preference, embellish the vanity with sleek mirrored frames and vintage lucite bottles. For a more traditional look, include an etched glass vase or porcelain figurine. No item is too lavish for your dressing table. After all, with a name like “vanity,” it’s OK to be self-indulgent!