Three Seat Tandem Strollers, Pushchairs & Buggies for Triplets

Triple strollers are available as tandem buggies which means that the babies sit one behind the other, these are long and can be difficult to steer and lift on to curbs but they do fit through all standard doorways. Tandem strollers might be forward or rear facing or adaptable to do both. There are a few models of strollers for multiples which can also carry car seats as a travel system for twins or triplets, see below. It is worth considering whether a triple side by side or triple jogging stroller is more suitable.

Triple Pushchairs for Professional Childcare Settings

There are a number of strollers (US), pushchairs or buggies (UK) available for three children even though triplets are not very common. This is because it is not just families with triplets who are seeking to buy large capacity strollers. The main market for triple strollers are professional nurseries, child minders, daycare and childcare providers.

Professionals may also be interested in the larger pushchairs available for quads. Triple and quad strollers are also used by families with several young children who are close in age, perhaps with twins and another child or two.

Peg Perego Triplette SW Pushchair for Three Babies

This tandem pushchair is suitable for three newborn babies and can be used as a travel system for triplets with three car seats which must be purchased separately. It is operated by a steering wheel which has an adjustable height.

The Trio™ Triple Tandem Stroller by Foundations

Foundations are a major supplier of childcare items to professional and commercial childcare organisations. The Trio has the children sitting one behind the other. When in use the open dimensions of the stroller: 58″ L x 21″ W x 41.5″ H, folded it is 49″ L x 21″ W x 20″ H. The seats can carry a child of 40 lbs per seat.

Inglesina Domino Triple Tandem Buggy

The Domino Triple is suitable for three children aged over six months because the chassis only takes three seats which are for older babies without a lay flat option. The same chassis can take two flat carry cots or car seats so it is ideal to use for newborn twins and as a twin travel system but unfortunately not for triplets.

The Triple Decker Stroller for Three Babies & Toddlers

The Triple Decker is suitable for newborn triplets or three children of different ages with seats which change to suit the size of child. Like the Peg Perego stroller it is also a triplet travel system with seats which double as infant car seats.

Tips to Choosing a Stroller for Triplets

There are many different three seater strollers to choose from. Size, weight and price are all important considerations. Tandems can be difficult to manoeuvre but will fit through doors. A greater price tag will often buy more features, accessories and a well built stroller which may be easier to push.