Vexel Quovis – Wheelchair Car: Sit in a Wheelchair to Drive this Economical, Compact, Low Speed Car

The Vexel Quovis comes from Spain. It’s slogan is, “Drive it from your own wheelchair”.

Resembling a Smart Car, the Vexel is fuel-efficient at about 90 miles per gallon, and compact. It some of the pictures on the Quovis website, the car has the blue and white wheelchair symbol on it – kind of a twist on using handicapped parking when the whole vehicle is labelled as a “handicapped car” in a way! It’s cute and colourful and immediately appealing to the eye.

Available in the US and Australia, as well as in Europe, the Vexel Quovis is sold as a mobility assistive device rather than as a car on a car lot.

Some of the features which make it different from a conventional converted vehicle are:

  • purpose-built to be operated with hand controls and     other accessibility features

  • wheelchair user sits in the wheelchair to drive

  • no other regular seating (a one-person vehicle, with     some storage space) There is a fold-down seat for a second person in at     least some models.

  • limited in the USA to urban, low-speed driving (under     about 35 mph).

This vehicle may not go fast but it sounds perfect for city and town use, for going to the store, getting to work or to appointments, and so on. Being able to drive while sitting in a wheelchair sounds like such a sensible idea, surely someone has already done this? But, apparently not.

The Vexel has been featured at various shows and has won some prizes for innovation. It has crossed some regulatory barriers and is available in the USA, with dealers in California, Kansas and Kentucky. The specifications say it uses Michelin tires, so it would seem likely that it can be fitted with 4-season or snow tires for more northern places.